What if I say to you that you can organize an event and as a way of ensuring that people actually show up, you get them to commit a fee (which you determine) and then when they do not show up, you simply divide the sum of the monies of those that do not show up between those that were in attendance! Then you can rest on a couch and kick your feet back! Haha! Even in the figurative sense, that is the goal of the kickback.events product! Now, I know your ears are itching to hear all about kickback.events. Grab a couch, kick your feet back, relax and read on.

kickback.events landing page

According to the website:

“Event no shows? No problem. Meet Kickback — an Ethereum-based event management service that delivers higher event participation rates by asking registrants to put some skin in the game.”

Also as outlined on the website, the way that kickback works is:

“Everyone commits a small amount of ETH when they RSVP, which is refunded after the event check-in. Any no-shows lose their ETH, which can then be split amongst the attendees.”

You will agree that this is pure genius for you if you are organizing events! Well, for you as an attendee this then means that you stay true to you commitments. No more hopping from one event to another like biting into all the ripe apples in a basket :laughing:

Using Kickback helps you budget more effectively, guarantees higher turnout rates, and makes the RSVP process more fun.

The website clearly outlines the advantages of using kickback for your events

For Organizers

Knowing the exact number of people who will show up at your event is hard to estimate. Often half of those who RSVP yes don’t show up at all. Using Kickback, you can improve your show/no-show ratio from 50% to 90% on average. This allows you to adjust your event cost accordingly, while improving the chance of filling your event to capacity.

For Participants

Frustrated when you can’t get into a free meetup because the event is full? When you’re attending a Kickback powered event, you’ve got a far better chance of snagging a spot. Only those serious about attending take the time to RSVP and commit a small amount of ETH. Check out upcoming Kickback powered events, see how it works for yourself, and maybe even earn a little extra ETH from those no-shows.

For Sponsors

With our simple incentivisation model, you have a higher chance of connecting with the right audience — people who are interested, engaged and committed to attending. Not to mention that as a sponsor you can see the actual data of the committed attendees and decide to sponsor an event!

Now I can see your ears tingling and you want to scream:


Kickback.events is simple to use. Kindly click on the link and you will land on the product and click the big button which screams: SIGN IN!

Okay. Maybe there’s one more thing I should mention if you didn’t know before. Kickback is built on a public blockchain and as such requires that you have an Ethereum based wallet to connect to the product. In simple terms: you need a browser extension like Metamask to use the product. So set up your Metamask and come use kickback.events


According to the website:

The event organizer pays $1 per 1 turn up!

It’s very simple!

For example, If you have a capacity of 80 people, 70 people RSVP and 50 people turn up on time, the fee will be $50.

Plus VAT depending on the business location your organization operations. We are incorporated in UK and business entities in some country may have tax exemption.

We will send an invoice after the end of each event so that you only pay when you are happy with our service. You can either do a bank transfer or send us in DAI. In future we will incorporate the payment mechanism into our smart contract.

For recurring events, we will offer a quarterly payment of $150 ($50/month) for normal events but $45 ($15/month) for events organized by non profits, individuals, and students. If you decide to choose the quarterly payment model, we ask you to pay upfront. In future we will incorporate the recurring payment mechanism into our smart contract.

Still not convinced yet? Try kickback.events today!

Interested in hosting an event? Send an email to the kickback team now!

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